How to Update Drivers of the Motherboard and Parts

What is a motherboard or mobo? In the language of modern computers, the mobo is the most crucial circuit board. It is the printed central circuit board that binds the different parts of the computer which function through their respective drivers. This article will tackle on how to update drivers of the mobo and its parts. The following are the essential components of the motherboard:

Basic Input/Output System or BIOS

The bios is the software intrinsically built within the mobo to serve as a minute pool of knowledge. Literally, the word stands for basic input and/or output functions which take control the keyboard, text display screen, serial communications, disc drives and other functions that may be run by external software.

Central Processing Unit or CPU

The mind and intellect of the computer is the central processing unit or CPU. It is the very part wherein the process of quantification, computation and calculation takes place. It is also simply known as the processor of the computer system.

Every motherboard supports only a certain range or kind of central processing unit. In you plan in upgrading or replacing the CPU, make sure to scrutinize the specifications detailed by the manufacturer of the motherboard to avoid frustrations due to waste of irreplaceable resources which particularly pertain to time and effort, not to mention the money spent.


The term pertains to the internal data storage in the computer. Memory can be stored on discs or other recording devices. Computers contain Random Access Memory also known as RAM. Each memory holds a single byte of information. Thus, a computer with a memory of 1 megabyte is holding one million bytes of information.

Mass Storage

This is also referred to as auxiliary storage and pertains to the different methods and devices for containing or storing huge masses of data. Devices include modems, printers, mice and disc drives. These devices are called as peripheral devices because of their external nature which stand independently from that of the computer itself.

The common mass storage types include: floppy discs, hard discs, optical discs, and tapes. The least expensive types are the tapes which are characterized by their large storage capacity as compared to the discs. However, tapes do not have the capacity to store random access data.

To fix the motherboard and how to update drivers are a no brainer if you possess the technical background. Imagine the countless drivers you need to replace, install or update. To mention a few, there are:

  • *Motherboard Drivers
  • *Systems Drivers
  • *Keyboard and Mouse Drivers
  • *Printer drivers
  • *Audio and Video Card Drivers
  • *Modem Drivers
  • *DVD Drivers
  • *USB Drivers
  • *Vista Drivers
  • *Windows Drivers
  • *XP Drivers
  • *Ethernet Controller Drivers

Drivers become outdated depending on the limitations guaranteed by the manufacturer. But do not consider that as a problem. With the driver robot, or driver checker or the driver finder on your computer, the issue on how to update drivers especially that of the motherboard is no big deal. In having the appropriate … Read the rest ...

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Electronic Asset Disposal is a Big Job

In any business, disposing of old IT equipment is labor intensive. Old business assets like networks, desktop units, mobile units and monitors have to be decommissioned, consolidated and packaged. The removal process raises questions about security and effective destruction. The course of properly disposing of old IT equipment involves electronics recycling and the recovery of funds. It adds up to quite a task.

Electronic Asset Disposal is a Big Job

Favorable Outcomes

It’s such a complex process that discovering anyone who can handle it is a challenge. You must have investment recovery people who can determine whether to redeploy or divest of your unproductive assets. This could include fixed or mobile assets, capital and non-capital surplus. When it comes to e-waste recycling Toronto, the best result can actually be a number of outcomes, ranging from effective asset sale to social credit for a donation to charity.

Reselling and Recycling

The process includes reselling old electronics, recycling items that contain precious metals, scrapping the items for funds or getting them off the books. With the growth of electronics worldwide, there’s a real pollution problem, so it’s important to deal with these items in a responsible fashion. Since there are ways to turn the task into profit, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Data Destruction

There’s also the question of data security. The worn out and out of service machines often contain important company business on multiple data medium. The challenge is to get these items recycled or sold while keeping the data safe from prying eyes. If the data cannot be destroyed with software, then the disks and tapes must be shredded. The competition doesn’t have to watch you all day when they can steal your data from the careless IT disposal practices.

The process includes includes such items as power cords, routers, cabinets, printers, scanners, speakers, keyboards and racks. The decision to dispose of old infrastructure can come from something as routine as a business expansion or a move into a new physical building.… Read the rest ...

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Keeping Your Company Afloat After an Unexpected Circumstance

As a business owner, you may appreciate how quickly things can go wrong for your company. Everything may seem like it is going well one moment, only for the bottom to drop out and leave you devastated the next.

Keeping Your Company Afloat After an Unexpected Circumstance

It does not take much today to wipe a business out of existence. Natural disasters like fires and floods can bring production to a halt. Circumstances like a conversational gaffe or commentary blunder can result in people calling for your demise on social media. Rather than let your company go under without a fight, you may keep it afloat while you rebuild by hiring public relations consultants, remediation specialists, and a business continuity and disaster recovery team to assist you in the process.

Determining the Problem and Solution

As the crisis with your business is underway, it may seem like you are never going to recover from it. You may not even know what started it or what the right solution is to bring it to an end. All you are aware of at this point is that you are losing customers and revenue because of the crisis.

You may not be able to see what the problem is because of how close you are to your own company. You need the objective and rational interpretation from someone who is not connected to you or your company in any way.

The consultants that you can hire and bring in can offer that objectivity to tell you what went wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. They can rationalize the crisis and identify what the solution is faster and easier than you. With their help, you can minimize the damages and get your company back on track.

While you are getting your company back on its feet, you may want to re-train your employees so the disaster does not happen again. The consultants can hold workshops and training meetings to educate your staff. They can guide your employees in what it will take to maintain your company’s reputation and prevent it from becoming sullied again in the future.… Read the rest ...

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Reasons Why You Should Use Firewall

To protect your pc, phone or tablet, from malware dangers, existing on the internet, you need a protector- this is called a Firewall. A lot of exchange happens between your computer and servers/ routers in the cyberspace and the work of Firewalls is to monitor whether the data is safe or not. A Firewall does this by establishing whether the packets meet the set rules and thus they are accepted or rejected. Most of the operating systems, whether desktop or mobile have a built in Firewall that can only be helpful to a certain extent. For better results, you need a dedicated firewall application.

And what are the benefits of a Firewall?

Protects your computer or any other gadget from unauthorized remote access

Imagine what would happen if someone took control of your data remotely. Watching the mouse move around in the control of an intruder who remotely takes control of your digital kingdom is petrifying. When the firewall is configured correctly on a modern OS, remote desktop access is disabled and therefore hackers are prevented from accessing your computer. A firewall also blocks apps access from unauthorized access.

Firewalls block messages linking to unwanted content

If you’re still running Windows XP without a firewall, you risk being attacked by malware that could easily manipulate your data. There is a lot of bad code on the internet that traverses the cyberspace in search of unprotected PCs. Your ISP can help in preventing this but this can’t last for long. To be sure, you’re protected; you must install a third party business firewalls. Consider also upgrading to Windows 10 or Linux so that you’re not an easy target for hackers.

With firewalls, your online gaming is safe

One of the most significant developments in the history of video games is online gaming. However, you should ensure that you are protected because this is a potential security risk. Online gamers that are using unsecured or compromised game servers are an easy target by malware. Yes, most publishers of these games are top on their game but it’s important to be sure of protection by having a firewall installed on your computer.

Often, firewalls configure themselves as per the requirements of the game. Here, you use a profile for the type of software available. Take advantage of the gaming mode or any other option that is pre-installed before launching your online game.

Firewall blocks unsuitable or immoral content

In addition to blocking unwanted messages and remote access of your computer, firewalls can protect personal directories from Ransomware and even block particular online locations.

Firewalls can be either software or hardware. These can be accessed using the administrator credentials for the router but to be safe, you must change the password immediately you sign in. If you are in any OS, you need a firewall so that you are safe from online attackers who can easily take advantage of your data or even render it useless. You cannot be assured of security with … Read the rest ...

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A Guide to Selecting the Right PDF Splitter for Your Office

Splitting or separating a PDF document sound much more like a simple endeavor to someone who has never attempted doing it. For some reason, this process is much harder than it sounds to someone who has ever tried doing it manually. Well, do not fret. This article explains in details the ins and outs of PDF splitting. You also learn some of the easiest ways of undertaking this exercise.

A Guide to Selecting the Right PDF Splitter for Your Office

What Does PDF Splitting Mean?

Before the advent of PDF file format, file archiving was a cumbersome task. For decades now, the portable document format (PDF) has become the favorite method or archiving files. It is essential in that it preserves the original documents down to its actual fonts and layout. Furthermore, it allows anyone to open the document regardless of the original software that produced the primary file. Separating a PDF document is a concept incepted in the early days. The idea was meant to break up a whole PDF document into multiple parts, the same way you can split a bunch of document files into minor stacks.

Difference between PDF Spiting and Unstacking

Well, confusion arises when trying to compare splitting and unstacking PDF files. To put it into perspective, splitting PDF files involves breaking one file into two files. During splitting, you ought to designate the exact location where you need the split to happen. After this, the rest of the page gets separated into its distinctive file.

On the other hand, unstacking means breaking up the PDF file into many files. This break usually occurs at regular intervals. For instance, if you have a single 200-page PDF file that contains 100 two-pages long document, you can unstack the file at two-page range into 100 files.

Is it Possible to Split a PDF File without Opening It?

Professional PDF software aims at making each PDF function more efficient. An ideal PDF editor can allow you to split the file, unstack them, and even extract specific pages from the files. And this can all be done without even opening them.

Separating PDF Pages

If you are dumbstruck on how to separate pdf pages, then relax. The process requires the use of a PDF editor software or specialized PDF splitter applications dedicated to splitting PDF pages. However, you would be far better placed using a full PDF editor. Such editors not only split the pages but proceed to avail you with an array of PDF editing capabilities.

Saving One Page PDF File

To save a single page of a PDF file, you will have to go for different function apart from PDF splitting. As mentioned earlier, splitting a PDF file separates the document into two parts. Saving a single page in a PDF file would require a unique feature known as extract PDF pages. This feature works by pulling a single page from any part of the file and saves it as its file. Performing an extraction will remove pages from the main file or save as a copy … Read the rest ...

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