How to Update Drivers of the Motherboard and Parts

What is a motherboard or mobo? In the language of modern computers, the mobo is the most crucial circuit board. It is the printed central circuit board that binds the different parts of the computer which function through their respective drivers. This article will tackle on how to update drivers of the mobo and its parts. The following are the essential components of the motherboard:

Basic Input/Output System or BIOS

The bios is the software intrinsically built within the mobo to serve as a minute pool of knowledge. Literally, the word stands for basic input and/or output functions which take control the keyboard, text display screen, serial communications, disc drives and other functions that may be run by external software.

Central Processing Unit or CPU

The mind and intellect of the computer is the central processing unit or CPU. It is the very part wherein the process of quantification, computation and calculation takes place. It is also simply known as the processor of the computer system.

Every motherboard supports only a certain range or kind of central processing unit. In you plan in upgrading or replacing the CPU, make sure to scrutinize the specifications detailed by the manufacturer of the motherboard to avoid frustrations due to waste of irreplaceable resources which particularly pertain to time and effort, not to mention the money spent.


The term pertains to the internal data storage in the computer. Memory can be stored on discs or other recording devices. Computers contain Random Access Memory also known as RAM. Each memory holds a single byte of information. Thus, a computer with a memory of 1 megabyte is holding one million bytes of information.

Mass Storage

This is also referred to as auxiliary storage and pertains to the different methods and devices for containing or storing huge masses of data. Devices include modems, printers, mice and disc drives. These devices are called as peripheral devices because of their external nature which stand independently from that of the computer itself.

The common mass storage types include: floppy discs, hard discs, optical discs, and tapes. The least expensive types are the tapes which are characterized by their large storage capacity as compared to the discs. However, tapes do not have the capacity to store random access data.

To fix the motherboard and how to update drivers are a no brainer if you possess the technical background. Imagine the countless drivers you need to replace, install or update. To mention a few, there are:

  • *Motherboard Drivers
  • *Systems Drivers
  • *Keyboard and Mouse Drivers
  • *Printer drivers
  • *Audio and Video Card Drivers
  • *Modem Drivers
  • *DVD Drivers
  • *USB Drivers
  • *Vista Drivers
  • *Windows Drivers
  • *XP Drivers
  • *Ethernet Controller Drivers

Drivers become outdated depending on the limitations guaranteed by the manufacturer. But do not consider that as a problem. With the driver robot, or driver checker or the driver finder on your computer, the issue on how to update drivers especially that of the motherboard is no big deal. In having the appropriate updating software, your concern is just very elementary.

Your questions, comments, suggestions or recommendations are highly awaited. Thank you for reading.