Computer Problems Can Kill Your Online Business

It has recently been brought to my attention that one of the major obstacles that some people have to making money online is a serious lack of computer knowledge and expertise that often leads to computer problems. Not so much that they are “computer stupid” as some have told me, but as I tell them, they are simply uninformed. I have seen a few get a brand new computer and boldly go out there with nothing to protect them from viruses, adware, malware and the mirad of things out there that plague us all.

They get out here on the net, totally uninformed that these dangers exist and want to get started in an online business. They figure it out right away that the internet is a golden opportunity to start up an online business with very little start up costs and they end up with computers so virused that they can’t do anything except stare at a screen offering them an anti-virus program that is actually a part of the virus that infected them in the first place, or their computer is so slowed down by adware that their brand new computer can barely move from one page to another.

Now that is good for me on the one hand, because as a side line, I fix their problems for a nominal fee, but on the other hand, you know it would be so much nicer for everyone if they never had the problems at all.

I’ve had to tell some that they needed to take their computer into a specialist to remove all of the virus from their computer before any anti virus program could be added to their computer. (After all, how many can I fix in a day?) A few of them I have cleaned myself, but more often than not, I have reformatted the hard drives and reinstalled windows for them and helped them to set up to not have the issue again. Some of the newest bugs out there are just that nasty.

When it comes to your anti virus program, personally, I hate the freebies. You know that some tools are only worth what you pay for them and if they are free and something goes wrong, you know that the freebie can’t afford a support desk to help out the customer.

My personal favorites for anti-virus programs are McAfee and Norton. They are still the top two out there and when it comes to anti-virus, personally, I wouldn’t mess around with anything less than one of the best. A good anti virus will take care of spyware, and adware plus have a good firewall to keep trojans at bay. I have found these two over the years to be all that I needed for all of the intrusion issues.

When it comes to my registry and other issues, I use some free toys, but I also use the reasonably priced things that there are out there. Cleaning your registry at … Read the rest ...

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Top Web Hosting Trends to Look for in 2020

Top Web Hosting Trends to Look for in 2020

Over the last decade, we have witnessed technology bringing about a major change in the way we live our lives. Most processes are now automated or facilitated by technology. In the midst of the rise of technology, websites have grown in importance and is a must for most businesses today. After all, if you want to advertise your products/services or offer excellent customer service to your existing clients, a well-functioning website is necessary.

Further, the website needs to be secure, fast, have minimum downtimes, and offer a great experience to users. Among various factors, your web hosting plan plays a significant role in the overall performance of your website. Web hosting has evolved from the traditional single server hosting, and many providers are offering VPS and Cloud Hosting in India. Also, technology evolves rapidly. Hence, it is crucial to keep yourself updated about the latest trends to ensure that you make the most out of the technology available to you. In this article, we will talk about the top web hosting trends to look out for in 2020.

Environment-friendly Hosting

In recent years, most people have started turning towards technologies which are energy efficient or use renewable energy sources. According to WebsiteCarbon, every time a user loads a web page, around 6.8 grams of carbon dioxide is emitted! With millions of users and billions of site visits, we can only imagine the amount of harm we are causing to the environment by merely surfing the web.

Hence, many web sites have now started opting for environment-friendly or Green hosting plans. This trend is likely to continue in 2020.

Cloud Hosting

Most experts believe that Cloud Hosting is going to be the first preference for web hosting in the coming years. With features like 99.9%+ uptimes, top-notch security, improved reliability, etc. many website owners have already started migrating their websites to the cloud. The cost and resource-scalability of cloud hosting make it an ideal option for big as well as small businesses. Cloud Hosting will be the top web hosting trend to look out for in 2020.

Enhanced Security

The security of the website and data is the primary concern of most site owners. Hence, web hosting providers are constantly trying to improve the security features of the hosting plans offered by them. In 2020, we can expect higher levels of security in hosting plans to ensure that site owners are happy with the security of their data and can focus their attention on growing their business.

Better Hardware

The hosting providers have also started focusing on the quality of hardware deployed in their data centers to ensure that they can offer uninterrupted and high-performing hosting plans to users. Moreover, these providers are advertising the hardware used by them to allow users to understand their capabilities and user-focus. In the coming years, we can expect a significant improvement in the hardware used by web hosting companies.


Website backups are an integral part of the security of your … Read the rest ...

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What Makes the Various Computer Processors Different?

If you are thinking about investing in a new computer or making changes to a computer that you already have, you will need to understand what the differences are between all the processors currently on the market. This is one of the most important specs to pay attention to, since it is a big part of deciding how quickly your computer runs and what applications it can handle.

Each processor will have a different speed. To figure out how fast a processor is, you need to look at its specifications. The speed is usually given in gigahertz on newer models, while older types will be measured in megahertz. The higher the value in gigahertz, the faster the processor will be.

When you purchase a processor, you are paying for quality and speed. It is very important that you do not go out and purchase whatever costs the least amount of money. Make sure you get something that will work for you.

Before shopping around for a new processor or computer, made a decision about what amount of money you are willing to spend. This will aid you with not overspending. It is never fun to spend more money than you have.

Since the cost of a processor can be quite high, you might realize that your predefined budget is not good enough. If you do not have the cash to purchase a good enough processor, wait until you do. Buying the perfect processor is very important and you do not want to get something that is not good enough.

Everyone who uses a computer does not need a really speedy processor. Many users will find that a slower and cheaper type is good enough for their needs. This kind of processor will be able to support basic applications, such as those that are used for playing music, watching movies, looking at photos, and typing up documents.

There are certain occasions in which a slower or cheaper processor will not do. For example, if you use a computer for creating movies, producing music, or making your own animations, you will have to invest in a really powerful processor. If you fail to do so, your computer applications will not run very quickly and you will become very frustrated.

Processors are responsible for keeping your computer running speedily. Before investing in a new computer or processor, do your homework and check out how much power your most demanding applications need.… Read the rest ...

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The Top Processors in the Industry

There are many different kinds of computer processors and it all depends on what kind of computer you have. There are three main types of processors, those being Intel, AMD and PowerPC. Each having its pros and cons that help for the buyer to choose the specific one they may find to help them get the most out of their computers.

It is made a little hard with technical terms such as front side bus and other words that may be seen in a flyer, but hopefully with a little patience and know how the buyer will pick the one that suits them the best.

First up is Intel, being a major contributor to the creation of processors. Their Intel Pentium processors have been almost a staple for newly created computers for years. They provide positive and stable performance for every venue of computing as well as advanced features that expand its capabilities. Intel was also the first company to create the dual core processor allowing the processor to not only perform actions faster, but also to perform more actions overall.

The next competitor for the best processors is a company called AMD. They have been around for a little less time, but nonetheless are creating great processors. They have been increasing the usage of the newly created 64 bit feature that add even more processing power to each computer that is able to use these processors. With their advancements it will be no trouble seeing that the competition may very well cave and consumers may start seeing even more AMD products in mainstream computers.

One type that is less well known and may be on its way out is an older type of processor called PowerPC. It was originally used only in Macs and some handheld computers, but is starting to fade out due to its failure to be advanced any farther. Though there are still some companies that are still implementing this processor it still remains to be seen whether or not this one will go down in the history books.

As has been shown, there have been three types of processors that have been created over the years since the invention of the computers. With each there is always pros and cons but each still, at this point, serves a higher purpose of helping to create competition for a better processor but the invention of new ideas that help computers to unlock further potential.

With more and more information flooding the market, hopefully consumers will get clearer pictures on what they need and want to buy. For every year that goes by the computing power will almost assuredly get better and better. With the influx of this and more information it remains up to the consumer to ultimately choose the one that they find best.… Read the rest ...

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Looking for a Laptop Processor? Compare Them First

Laptop processors are typically the low powered processors than the ones found in desktops. But it is interesting to note that some laptop manufacturers have even utilized computer processors in the machines in order receive performance edge. The processors made for mobile computing usually consume less amount of power and run cooler as compared to the computer processors. This is crucial as you wish your battery to last for a longer period of time and you even don’t want to have a lot in your lap.

The performance features which differentiate laptop processors consist of the number of cores they include, the bus speed and the cache memory along with the chip speed. The mainstream processors are now shifting towards including two cores but you can even get the singe core processors. It is good to know that the dual core processors offer better performance benefits than the single core ones.

Apart from the raw performance characteristics, various cores are featured with different abilities. In order to get a better understanding of this performance, you need to go through laptop processor comparisons among various laptop models. If you are planning to go with cheap processor, it will be better for you to opt for the AMD laptop processors.

As there are different types of laptops available, the need for processors also vary. Affordable laptops are the ones that are that are developed to offer functional portable computer at less rate point. These laptops utilize a variety of processors as they are generally based upon the older processors which are found in the top notch laptops or latest low priced processors. Some processors worth considering in this category include the Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 and lower, AMD Athlon II N320 and higher or the Intel Core i3- 330M and higher.

Then there are netbooks available that are a bit smaller as compared to ultra portables with a cheap price tag. The reason behind this is that they are featured with restricted functionality through fewer features. The laptop processors usually utilize low power but tend to have restricted performance. They are in fact more suited as the mobile internet systems rather than a laptop. Some of the processors that can be useful for the netbooks include VIA Nano L3100 and Lower, Intel Atom Z520 and Higher, AMD Turion Neo X2 K625 and Higher and the AMD V105.

There are even light laptops that are able to carry out the different computing tasks. These systems can widely vary as far as performance and price are concerned. They seem to offer better performance than other systems in the ultra portables category. Also, the light laptops are easy to carry than the desktops and so some processors that can be useful in this category of laptops are the Intel Core i5-530M and Higher, Intel Core i7-720 QM and Higher and AMD Turion II P520 and Higher among various others.

In order to see and compare the features, configurations and other details about … Read the rest ...

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