Impact of AI on Cyber Security

Impact of AI on Cyber Security

The concept and use of Artificial Intelligence have existed for many years. But it’s only in the wake of smart, millennial technologies, that we see actual integration of AI and machine learning in different computing functions. From facial recognition and voice identification to IoT and smart communities, AI has become an integral part of the modern-day social and business landscape.

Impact of AI on Cyber Security

However, with the experience of new-fangled technology, comes great risks, typically, of data security. The infinite and complex network of servers and devices exposes them to hackers and attackers. That is why the need for cybersecurity is more than ever. Everything that is digitally connected uses data, and sometimes, those data can be sensitive, like passwords, bank details, financial details, personal information, photographs, videos, and more. This information can be used against users in various ways. To keep such information safe and protected from probable threats and hacks, it is important that we start harnessing the power of machine learning and protect our digitally-connected world.

AI and Cybersecurity

Integration of both AI and cybersecurity in computing is not a new concept. There have been instances, in earlier generations of computing, where machine learning has been used to counter cyber-attacks and prevent malicious activities. But as machine learning evolved, they gave rise to more advanced AI, which can do a lot more than automation. Nowadays, we see AI being integrated into various business processes, including website security. They are present in the form of security and monitoring tools, which look like regular software but are designed in a manner that can flag an attack even before it takes place. They are programmed with certain predictive algorithms which can assess and identify vulnerabilities. Such security software is usually run on hosting servers, where they can monitor, recognize, and patch malicious codes and probable threats, and if and when necessary, quarantine the same. Most new web hosting solutions  like cloud hosting, for your business assets like website and applications, uses such software with inbuilt automation, which can monitor and quarantine threats, thus enhancing the security quotient of modern websites.

Where is AI-based cyber-security used?

Such automation is necessary for highly dynamic environments like in IoT, or data-rich websites like banking, stock trading, insurance, and similar. These businesses use advanced technologies and are equipped with high-end resources, thus requiring tightened security, which only machine learning can bring.

Summing up…

It’s no news that machine learning and automation is becoming an integral part of the 21st-century environment and radically reshaping the way we have seen, understood, or used technology. While it is used to make things easier, it is important to also learn how they can make the digitally-driven life more secure. With such advanced technologies and a little more caution, while handling information in the digital space, we can truly enjoy the privileges of a digitally-led society!       … Read the rest ...

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Future NextGen Air Traffic Control Discussed – Computer Hardware Needed

The innovative ideas, concepts, and inventions derived from the NextGen Project (Next Generation of Aviation) have been quite forward thinking. The FAA, NASA, Academia, and aviation experts from industry have all been involved. But I would like to ask a very serious question about all this, namely, how can aviation move forward while the bureaucracy has so much regulation on the sector? Not long ago I was discussing this with a think tanker, Troy is his name, and I explained my angst and explained how innovation was being stifled by FAA regulations.

Future NextGen Air Traffic Control Discussed - Computer Hardware Needed

Troy indicated that; “Unfortunately you are right, there are too much regulations and the whole system really needs an overhaul. We will probably not see this in our lifetimes.” Well, I am not sure I’d go there, as I plan on living forever (ha ha ha), however, I just don’t put much faith in the government to implement the system, over all there is too much corruption, too many lobbyists, too much nonsense, and too many regulations in every aspect of making it happen, all of which adds costs and time to implement, meaning it may NEVER happen.

Well, regarding new Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems, it is my personal opinion that they ought to be holographic representations – that would be good, but Troy reminds me that could take up too much space. Indeed, it might but perhaps the controller might merely flip a switch to put up a separate holograms and area being viewed very quickly.

Troy believes that this “would be feasible, unless you had more than one person wanting to use the same amount of physical space to view different things, hence why I am more a fan of the glasses/VR based display system.” Okay, this is a real problem right, although DARPA has some really cool spectral imagery used for BattleSpace viewing view holograms, and you can find a very nice video of this online at YouTube and you will not that in the video it does not look like it takes up a lot of space. Troy also notes however that;

It did not take up much space, but at the same time it did not show much when you get to looking at a system that must show a whole city. You would want the whole city to be viewable to be able to get a good idea of what is going on as a whole. If you were to put a city even the size of Reno on something the same size, and tried to do a overall view, everything would be to tiny to get any real information.

True enough, but now let us consider that currently air traffic controllers look at very large screens and the aircraft represent a super tiny dot, but show up as very large, miss-scaled. This miss-scaling of size could lead to over exaggerated urgency or a need for increased separation which is not necessary. And Troy counters this issue with the reality that;… Read the rest ...

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An Overview of the Bluetooth Dongles

While most people are not familiar with them, most find that Bluetooth dongles are an invaluable asset when they get them. These little devices are the same size as USB flash drives, but provide a very fast and easy way to coordinate and backup information from your PDA, laptop, cell phone, and other Bluetooth devices. Many people use their dongle to transfer photos and files from their phone to a computer or other device so that they have copies easily available when desired.

This external adapter for a desktop or laptop computer looks just like any other USB flash drive. It is small and does not require external drivers. The dongle works with a Bluetooth adapter. It is used by a person who wants to transmit data or use communication devices on a wireless basis a short range from their computer.

An Overview of the Bluetooth Dongles

Without adding additional cables, it is possible to transmit information from any Bluetooth device such as a PDA, smart phone, cell phone, etc., to a desktop or laptop computer. A person who wants to back up data from their PDA can accomplish this easily using the dongle as the conduit for transmitting the information. When using the communication capabilities of the dongle, a person gets a clear 2.4 GHz radio frequency for talking or receiving communications via their computer.

Transmitting objective or information using generic access or object interfaces is not a problem with the dongle that has the built-in capability to accomplish the task. A person can easily use any type of headset or Bluetooth set to get crystal clarity when receiving information.

The dongles are manufactured for easy use. The navigation bar is easy to follow and use. An individual may purchase a dongle that requires installation of software or the use of a CD. However, Bluetooth dongle drivers are built in to the Windows operating system.

The affordability of the dongles make it very easy to include them with all of the computers that a person may have. Backing up data from PDAs, laptops, and other Bluetooth supported devices is very easy to accomplish within a few minutes.

When a person does business from a location that requires them to be on their computer and phone simultaneously, using the dongle makes this an simple task. The wireless capability makes it very easy to move up to ten meters away from the computer. Being able to multi-task while on a headset gives an individual the ability to address issues and retrieve information quickly and efficiently.

When the dongle is to download music or videos from other Bluetooth devices the power of the unit accomplishes the task within a few seconds. Depending the the ability of a computer to download, the dongle has the ability to transmit information at a speed that allows for large amounts of data to be transmitted in a short time.

Reading the warranty and maintenance information for the dongle will be important to make sure that the dongle selected has the capability to … Read the rest ...

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Computer Engineering School – How to Spot Your Best Fit

Choosing a computer engineering school is a daunting task. Given that you have already decided to pursue this career, then it is time to do some good research on the best college around. But where do you start? What exactly are the things you should consider and prioritize?

The reputation

Of course, the computer engineering school of your choice should have a good, solid reputation – especially on the industry and its practitioners. Do a thorough background check on your prospective colleges. Below are some tips you might want to consider in your search for the perfect scholastic partner:

Go to its official website. Know your options very well. Dig its history. Look at the sceneries and campus life. It’s all in there.

Check social networking sites. Often, informal alumni groups are being organized in SNNs. This can give you an idea of your career trajectory after graduating from a certain computer engineering school.

Visit the campus. There is nothing like experiencing the campus vibe in real time. Immerse yourself into the student body, the place, and the culture that embraces every corner.

The location

Some colleges are located in a bustling metropolis, while others thrive in comfortable isolation. So in determining your computer engineering school, what kind of location will be more conducive for your behavior and wellbeing?

Connections are a lot closer for schools that are smacked in the middle of commerce of big cities. Often, engineering firms themselves seek out these institutions. Opportunities are more convenient than for those studying miles away from business districts.

On the other hand, campus towns offer physical and psychological securities to its student body. Away from the noise and confusion of a booming metropolis, they can have the space and quiet to concentrate on their computer engineering degree.

The lifestyle

Contrary to what parents may say, college is really one big party, where students can start building their network of contacts – a necessity in a world where who you know really does matter.

So it is only fitting that you explore the cultural underbellies of your computer engineering school. You can start your tour by seeking out the following:

Student Organizations. It is the earliest and easiest networking effort you can do. Make sure to join clubs catering to specific computer engineering programs.

Landmarks. Where is the best diner? What are the local hotspots? These are essential gathering places that any student should take note of.

Alumni connections. The student affairs office should have a good, reliable alumni base. From trainings to class projects, these are very valuable associations.

With this handy guide, your will find the computer engineering school that best fit your expectations. Happy hunting!… Read the rest ...

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Best of Both Worlds With a PhD in Computer Engineering

As Computer Engineering is a combination in the fields of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, it supposedly takes on the best of both worlds. In producing scholars with PhD in Computer Engineering, the objective is to hone their knowledge, skills and talents to understand how the software knits well with the hardware. A conventional programmer writes a complex program with no regard on how the physical circuitry works. A conventional electrical engineer designs an electrical circuit which allows current to flow through and light up bulbs. Since algorithms are so closely intermeshed between applications and mechanics, it is essential to understand the workings of both. By doing so, can one then derive optimal methods in achieving good results.

By pursuing a doctorate program in Computer Engineering, students learn and change conventional methods for the better. In the field of robotics, the traditional use of automatons was in production lines at factories. Improvement in technology allows this field to grow and robots now exist in various areas such as healthcare, military, entertainment as well as domestic use. Perhaps science fiction movies and cartoons from yesteryears were on the right track when they featured robotic butlers and maids.

Since the numbers are still low for PhD in Computer Engineering despite great demand for these doctorate holders, academic institutions have taken on the challenge to offer these programs on an online basis. This allows students from regions which don’t have local courses to further their studies. Students who are holding on to full time jobs need not jeopardize their careers by taking time off. Existing graduates in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering are also given the opportunity to participate in the PhD program. So long as they have the necessary academic pre-requisites as well as work experience and exposure, they are certainly potential candidates for acceptance into the doctorate program in Computer Engineering. Since top technology organizations are normally the ones who snap up these scholars, it is certainly a career boost by having this qualification under your belt.… Read the rest ...

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