BIOS ComputerFrom time to time in the technology blogosphere and on Super User, I would hear the term flashing the BIOS”. I always wondered what that meant, since I have been in and utilised the BIOS several instances, and thought I knew most every thing about it. So I decided to post a query on Super User , so I could understand exactly what flashing the BIOS implies. I also asked what the benefits there are to flashing and whether or not or not it ought to be carried out from inside or outdoors of the operating technique.

This error-checking phase of BIOS is named POST, Energy On Self Test, and is the beep that you hear when powering on your Computer. If BIOS detects an error or something incorrect with a element, you’ll hear a various set of beeps. A single one particular is standard, but errors will have their personal distinctive code or sequence of beeps based on the type of problem detected.

After you have the personal computer case opened, you can location the system on the side to have a greater view of the numerous slots on the motherboard. Find the AGP slot or the PCI Express Slot according to the card you want to install. From the rear of the case remove the cover plate making use of a screwdriver. Hold the screw secure as it will be required to secure the new video card. Very carefully insert the card into the slot. You can do this by very first aligning the card on the slot and then gradually push the card in. Ensure that the card is securely in and then use the screw you saved earlier to safe it to the case.

Make certain the electrical energy source is reputable when flashing a BIOS. Any sizable fluctuation or loss of energy in the course of a flash procedure can corrupt the BIOS. As a result, by no means power down or reset a Computer when flashing the BIOS. If flashing the BIOS from a booted OS, 1st disable all unnecessary applications and background processes.

The BIOS looks for the video card. In distinct, it looks for the video card’s built in BIOS program and runs it. This BIOS is usually identified at location C000h in memory. The technique BIOS executes the video card BIOS, which initializes the video card. Most modern cards will show data on the screen about the video card. (This is why on a modern Pc you typically see some thing on the screen about the video card before you see the messages from the system BIOS itself).