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A Brief History Of Metal Detecting Metal detectors are pretty useful as they have various purposes in different fields. To give you a quick example, you will frequently see this system used in airports and several other security checkpoints, military mine fields, beach-combers as well as geophysical prospectors. Also, metal detectors are under detector radar family as many uses radar in the system. Some other members of detector radar family include weather radar systems, cordless radar systems and car radar detector systems. Metal detectors are basically made up of oscillator that is producing an alternating current that is passing through a coil that is creating alternating magnetic field. To put it simply, when electronically conducive metal comes close to the detector, it will create eddies of air that is causing a change in magnetic field. Actually, this is what allows the operator to locate where the metal object is. In most instances, it is the handheld detectors that are being used often. In fact, these handheld devices are capable of detecting landmines. For deep metals on the other hand, the ground penetrating radar is what used together with metal detector to unearth hidden metal. Metal detectors actually have a quite interesting history. Believe it or not, the first ever metal detectors were presented to public in late 19th century. Creating a simpler way to find ore for the miners is the original concept of its inventors. Heinrich Wilhelm Dove a physicist who developed induction balance system at that time in which it took over a century before others can see the need for his idea.
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For the early iteration of the systems, it is quite complex and consumes lots of battery power. In 1930s, modern models are starting to surface. Gerhard Fisher is the one who first patented the metal detector. He has discovered metal detecting by accident actually when he found discrepancy in radio navigational methods he uses. Then, his model was put into used in the Second World War when there were excessive amount of detectors that lie around. And as a result, it has formed a hobby of finding metal for entertainment purposes.
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It is not only a useful tool but entertaining to use. It’s somewhat difficult to imagine to not see one since almost everyone of us comes contact with metal detectors. Such detector is also part of detector radar family, isn’t that interesting as well? Well, this is all because of the fact that different detectors use cordless radar system into their mechanisms. The metal one has an interesting history too and thinking of it next time you stand to a security checkpoint will give you something to contemplate on.

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