Intel ProcessorsIntel uses suffixes in their CPU item code. To support you identify the which means of suffixes, I have gathered their meaning for everyone’s reference.

Kesimpulannya, jika ada pertanyaan seperti perbandingan prosesor Intel VS AMD, maka kita harus melihat banyak aspek yang termasuk harga didalamnya. Mungkin bagi sebagian orang akan merasa kesulitan menentukan prosesor apa yang bagus untuk bermain game, nah kita bisa berdiskusi di halaman komentar dibawah ini. Ingat, performa prosesor tidak hanya dilihat dari clock speed saja seperti jaman purba dulu , tetapi bisa dilihat dari chipset yang dipakai, jumlah core yang ada, jumlah cache memori, dll. Pastinya pertarungan Intel VS AMD akan terus berlangsung.. Semoga bermanfaat.

at the moment intel has the fastest chips, AMD has absolutely nothing that competes with the i7 for raw energy, however AMDs prime chips are normally as potent than the very best i5s at generaly lower value, so if you are constructing your own technique and you can afford an i7 and do not mind paying far much more for the (un-notisable for most purposes) overall performance improve get an i7. if nevertheless you are after worth for income or do not need to have the most powerful processor on the industry (handful of individuals do) purchase the most potent AMD processor you can afford, and you will generaly have a much more effective chip than if you buy Intel.

I use my CS4 every single day on my i7 920 and it FLIES. For the CS package, you require TONS OF RAM, as several cores as possible, and a excellent GPU as it utilizes it for processing. The i5 quad is acceptable, but I’d opt for a significantly stronger quad from the i7 or i9 line. Tip to the sensible. RAM RAM AND Far more RAM. I saw CS4 use up all but 700K of my 12GB RAM. As for the Mac vs. Computer on CS, it really is all eye candy. Both perform the very same.

Lastly, don’t forget that no two systems will overclock the same—even if they have the exact exact same hardware. Every unit of every processor is various, and my i7-4770K might not overclock as very as your i7-4770K, and vice versa, even with all other things held continuous. So while it’s beneficial to see what sorts of clocks other people are achieving, don’t count on that you are going to be capable to do the identical. You should go by way of the full procedure like absolutely everyone else, or you’re going to have a poor time.