Intel ProcessorsThe Ga990FXA-UD3 motherboard is a sturdy choice with a lot of functions that motherboards which cost $50 more offer. It’s designed for super fast speeds and ideal for any single or dual SLI/Crossfire Pc create with 4 slots for your card (two with 16 lanes).

Tetapi setelah Intel memperkenalkan keluarga Sandy Bridge yang disusul Ivy Bridge, Intel tampaknya telah berhasil menarik kembali para komputer gamer untuk melirik mereka. Ini bukan tanpa alasan, karena antara harga dan performa yang ditawarkan memang lebih baik dari tipe AMD. Ambilah contoh Intel Sandy Bridge i5-2500K, prosesor ini sangat bagus untuk bermain game juga mudah di overclock yang performa nya melebihi prosesor AMD di kelasnya.

There are a lot of characteristics in Windows ten, which only come to life with the new Intel Skylake CPUs. The age old Wintel – Intel-Microsoft partnership isn’t as powerful these days, but Skylake and Windows ten are living testaments that it is nevertheless alive and kicking. For instance, the you can activate your Windows ten Pc from even a standby state by saying the ‘Hey Cortana’ command and this feature is facilitated by the Skylake CPU, which has devoted DSP.

What is truly odd is why Intel started to use the graphics core as the major demarcation line. It may possibly not be purely intentional. I do remember Intel talking about its graphics getting the second generation or third generation at some point, but somewhere along the line, it stuck. Today you can’t go 5 feet into the laptop aisle at a retailer with no seeing that Skylake is the 6th gen CPU” on a spec card, or Haswell getting described as the 4th gen” chip.

As an alternative of 10nm Cannonlake chips, Intel is set to roll out an additional 14nm offering known as Kaby Lake. There’s not … Read the rest ...