Computer Components and Hardware

Computer Components and Hardware

Computer Components and Hardware

Computers can be defined as devices that can be programmed to carry out effective mathematical calculations along with logical operations. The capability of this electronic device is exceptional with exceptional data processing requirements and storage options. Very large amounts of data can finally be retrieved by this device. The main types of computers are:

Portable Desktop

Portable devices are easy to carry from one place to another and are the most convenient to use when traveling. Exceptional connectivity to internet facilities makes it the most convenient for a person to stay connected with the whole world whenever needed and wherever needed. On the other hand, a desktop PC is a sturdy desktop piece that is filled with components that are very suitable to meet the requirements of individual special needs. The most important component in a computer

1) Case – The outer case perfectly covers all the hardware components inside.

a) Power Supply

It is one of the core components that deserve to be mentioned precisely because there are various types of power supply provisions for computers. The type to be assigned depends entirely on the individual computer system.

b) The motherboard

It becomes the next important case component which is considered as the brain of each computer system. This is the main control panel that provides the installation of certain computing devices along with the exact provisions of the video and sound card. The motherboard is an important component that is accompanied by other further components, namely the microprocessing chip, the Central Processing Unit along with the BIOS namely, Basic Input and Output System.

i)                   Microprocessors

It can be considered as the brains of computer systems. Responsible for handling every command and control operation involved in each computer system.

ii)                 Memory usage

It is the most important function located on the motherboard.

iii)               Certain drive controllers

It must also be considered as an effective computer component that is categorized in this case.

c) A hard disk drive

It is a storage component that is responsible for storing data in a computer system. The operating system which is the root for all computing and other functions is installed here.

d) External storage components such as Floppy and CD ROM drives to store data for access at any time as a medium for further portable use.

2) Monitor – Components that send displays to functions carried in their respective computer systems.

3) Keyboard and Mouse are peripheral components that are responsible for inputting each other’s data signals into the computer system.

CPU or Central Processing Unit is the key to processing all the information needed from basic to complex functions that must be done by the system. The sound is transmitted through the output device that is the speaker.

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