Computer Components – Power Supply Units

Computer Components – Power Supply Units

Computer Components - Power Supply Units

An important component of computers is the Power Supply Unit (PSU). Electrical power is used to convert AC current from the wall outlet to the DC current house as a necessary component of your computer. This device is located at the end of the PC case and can be seen from the back of the PC because it has a hole in the AC power and a fan for cooling.

The type of voltage generated by the power supply is 3.3 volts. 5 volts and 12 volts. 12 Volts are used to run motors on fans and disk drives, while voltages from 3.3 to 5 volts are used by digital circuits.

Resources provide power for all devices on the PC. This tool is an item that tends to be damaged. Damage is usually due to excessive loads. This system does not have a good foundation. Unstable voltage and other causes.

One way to keep the gadget functioning properly is to clean it regularly. Clean the dust on the gadget fan, or replace the fan if it is damaged. Dust on the gadget fan can cause the fan to not spin properly. If the fan can cause damage to the PC because the components become overheated (overheat).

If your power source is damaged, see your computer’s instruction/manual.

Some tips that you can do if your electrical device is damaged as follows:

# 1 Turn off your computer, then use a brush to clean the power supply. To get the best result you can use a vacuum cleaner.

# 2 Open your PC box, then disconnect all power connectors are plugged into the motherboard and other components.

# 3 Remove the electric power box than a PC chassis for easy checking electronic circuits.

# 4 Uses a screwdriver to open the device box.

# 5 Cleans the dust on the electronic circuit board, examining the possibility of electronic components in them burned or separated from the circuit.

# 6 If the fan should be replaced, remove the four bolts fan PSU by using a screwdriver and attach the new fan.

# 7 To install the new fan, heat and then melt tin solder on the underside of the circuit.

# 8 Replace the electronic circuitry and the fan into place originally. Measure voltage yellow wire (+12), blue (-12), red (+5), orange (POR) on the black cable. If the voltage parameter shows a valid number then you can use this device again. # 9 Plug the PSU into the PC case and reconnect the power connector and other components with the gadget.

If you want to replace the power supply, make sure the electricity has been turned off, even if your computer is off, because this device can save electricity that can harm you.

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