Intel ProcessorsThis lens a one quit learning guide and review for the ideal new processors of 2015. If you have been out of the Computer constructing planet for the final couple of years here’s a brief overview of the processors you must be looking at.

All of the data you need to have relating to Lenovo’s computer systems, tablets, and laptops can be found on each the Series overview (such as the M Series ) and person product pages. Basically reference the bullet points for essential info on processors, storage space, additional characteristics, and a lot more. Beneath every single person product, you will uncover info on the device’s processor. There, you can see if a laptop, desktop, or tablet is making use of an Intel or AMD processor.

All round, we must see peripheral efficiency boost in Z170 boards, with some particular benefit for cutting-edge solid state drives. Intel has mentioned fairly small about what CPU-side improvements are coming with Skylake, but the rumors continue to point to substantially greater GPU hardware, even over Broadwell. Intel’s integrated graphics plans have typically been met with derision from enthusiasts, but the mixture of a massive on-die L4 cache and the enhanced overall performance on the GPU-side as a secondary display or basic graphics selection has its personal uses even for consumers who plan to invest in discrete cards.

Dalam dunia IT sebenarnya bayak jenis-jenis processor yang di gunakan di dalam perangkat komputer, tetapi pada umumnya di indonesia hanya familiar dengan processor Intel dan AMD saja yang terpasang pada laptop/komputer lokal. Untuk mengetahui berbagai jenis processor silahkan lihat DI SINI , Di atas adalah ulasan tentang processor Intel yang sangat di kenal dunia khususnya di dunia IT. Semoga bisa menjadi refrensi yang bermanfaat dan Jika anda gamers, Gunakan mouse ini : Mouse gaming terbaik yang di gunakan Dewa Gamers.

This is the actual deal, AMD has fallen off for awhile and might never recover against Intel, all you fanboys with AMD(I use to be 1 of them) require a reality check, yes gpu has a play at gaming but you can see for oneself, intel’s i3’s outperform any amd chip out there, so stfu and wake up. 2500K currently can handle any game out there such as Tera On-line which is employing the Unreal engine(graphics are wicked with 600+ series geforce card) AMD=you get what you pay for. Intel consumer for life, until AMD gets their shit together.