How Does Softaculous Help Your E-commerce Website?

How Does Softaculous Help Your E-commerce Website?

Online business has been growing rapidly, and the boom has led to software companies making life simpler for the common people. They have been developing applications that can help even a small shop-owner open their online store without much hustle. Having a presence online not only keeps you updated with the latest trend but also provides you with a wider audience and increases your product outreach. This is where Softaculous comes into the picture. It helps you set up your online website with much ease, even if you do not have the required technical knowledge.

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous provides you with more than 400 auto scripts which can help you build your website with a single click. The scripts or applications cater to different categories such as content management, e-commerce, customer support, ad-managers etc. If you are looking to build an online store, then Softaculous can help you build your e-commerce website by simplifying the process.
These are the top Softaculous scripts that can help your e-commerce website:

  • Abante Cart– It is one the most widely used e-commerce script and the updates are rolled out constantly. It helps online business to sell their products online by providing a free and open-source shopping cart with a very easy-to-use control panel. Given the nature of evolution in online business, Abante lets you migrate to a different application without any major roadblock.
  • PrestaShop– It helps clients with the cataloguing process of their products, with the option to create unlimited categories and sub-categories. With a simple user-interface, it comes pre-configured for payment with PayPal.  The featured products can be arranged on the home page.
  • Magneto– With a global community of 150,000 developers, Magneto boasts of being the most preferred option for a CMS software. The major advantages of Magneto are its flexibility, giving the client an option to customize the software according to their business goals. It offers easy catalogue browsing with SEO and website management tools.
  • WHMCS– This content management software provides a holistic billing and support solution for your business. It automates the process and lets you keep track of communication with your customers. The built-in feature of generating personal invoices and automatic e-mail reminders cut your workload significantly.
  • osCommerce– It is an open-source and thus a free application. Not only is it compatible with multiple browsers but also support payment through multiple currencies.

These are the top 5 applications by Softaculous, which can help your e-commerce website flourish. Auto script installers such as the Softaculous can help you setting up your online business fast. You could leverage the different application to start setting up your online store quickly and start getting sales. Much of the technical jargons are circumvented through the use of Softaculous’ applications, and you can find everything you need for your website at one place. Since many of the applications are open source and free to use scripts, combining it with a good a web hosting plan can do wonders for your inline business. This can also be a good option for Reseller Hosting providers who can take the benefit of automation to reduce their workload.