News about Pokemon Go.

One of the most rated and popular games in the world is the Pokemon Go as a result of this it is not a fresh news anymore. We all get curious and want to know what goes on in the Pokemon go craze. The game that was the most popular in the 1990s was the Nintendo. Around the game was revised and the latest version is known as Go has taken the world by a storm. In the mobile gaming Pokemon Go is currently one of the series being used. Any Android or IOS phone can download the game for free. The game has become so popular such that it can be compared with the popularity of twitter daily activity of an active user.

This game uses the GPS of a person’s phone and clock in the sense that the game player is within the game. The Pokemon Go will appear on the screen of your phone and they will be around you and the mission you will have is to catch them. The series of the game will appear in a different world which is inhabited by powerful striking monsters. The dragons, birds, trees, snakes, rats or even dynos will appear as the monsters in the game. A number of monsters will appear around as you play on and your phone’s timer will be counting how long you will be taking to attack the monsters. The main aim of the game is inspiring you to move around the real world so that you can catch the Pokemon when you are within the game scene. The main reflection of the game is to check on how you can deal with the monster if they were in the real world. The main intention of the game is to catch and collect the monster.

When the Pokemon Go game was starting it had 151 creatures but now they evolved to over 720 creatures. In the Pokemon Go game the only features that are accessible are the original creatures. Since the game was invented it has been fulfilling the fantasies of soo many people. For all those who love adventure this is the game to play and it is available in all the android phones. For those who have not played the most popular game it is worth it to try. Pokemon Go does not only attain a child’s dream but also a game that introduces everyone to the real world with a virtual known as Augmented reality. When your day’s activities are becoming boring you can play the game and it will spice up your world by adding craze in it. If you are a fun of Pokemon Go you can download it for free on the google play store on your mobile phone.

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