The concept and use of Artificial Intelligence have existed for many years. But it’s only in the wake of smart, millennial technologies, that we see actual integration of AI and machine learning in different computing functions. From facial recognition and voice identification to IoT and smart communities, AI has become an integral part of the modern-day social and business landscape.

Impact of AI on Cyber Security

However, with the experience of new-fangled technology, comes great risks, typically, of data security. The infinite and complex network of servers and devices exposes them to hackers and attackers. That is why the need for cybersecurity is more than ever. Everything that is digitally connected uses data, and sometimes, those data can be sensitive, like passwords, bank details, financial details, personal information, photographs, videos, and more. This information can be used against users in various ways. To keep such information safe and protected from probable threats and hacks, it is important that we start harnessing the power of machine learning and protect our digitally-connected world.

AI and Cybersecurity

Integration of both AI and cybersecurity in computing is not a new concept. There have been instances, in earlier generations of computing, where machine learning has been used to counter cyber-attacks and prevent malicious activities. But as machine learning evolved, they gave rise to more advanced AI, which can do a lot more than automation. Nowadays, we see AI being integrated into various business processes, including website security. They are present in the form of security and monitoring tools, which look like regular software but are designed in a manner that can flag an attack even before it takes place. They are programmed with certain predictive algorithms which can assess and identify vulnerabilities. Such security software is usually run on hosting servers, where they can monitor, recognize, and patch malicious codes and probable threats, and if and when necessary, quarantine the same. Most new web hosting solutions  like cloud hosting, for your business assets like website and applications, uses such software with inbuilt automation, which can monitor and quarantine threats, thus enhancing the security quotient of modern websites.

Where is AI-based cyber-security used?

Such automation is necessary for highly dynamic environments like in IoT, or data-rich websites like banking, stock trading, insurance, and similar. These businesses use advanced technologies and are equipped with high-end resources, thus requiring tightened security, which only machine learning can bring.

Summing up…

It’s no news that machine learning and automation is becoming an integral part of the 21st-century environment and radically reshaping the way we have seen, understood, or used technology. While it is used to make things easier, it is important to also learn how they can make the digitally-driven life more secure. With such advanced technologies and a little more caution, while handling information in the digital space, we can truly enjoy the privileges of a digitally-led society!