AMD ProcessorsSometimes it’s challenging to find the proper motherboard for your needs if you don’t build computer systems all of the time. Several occasions there are very good value motherboards accessible that give you the exact same alternatives and characteristics of motherboards twice their cost.

Would have to point out I run a eight core CPU with a 270X each overclocked and I don’t pull anyplace close to 1500w at reality it only pulls among 500 and 600w at one hundred% resource usage so I’d really like to hear where you are pulling your 1500w number from.Prior to you say some thing along the line of you do not have two gpus in your pc” that would only raise it to 800-1000w at 100% which is nevertheless far beneath your 1500w.

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Prosesor saat ini menggunkan pipeline yang panjang guna meningkatkan kecepatannya, tetapi semakin panjang akan semakin berat jika terjadi crash ditengah jalan sehingga pipeline akan dikosongkan dan diulang kembali. Ini merupakan perbedaan yang paling mencolok pada Intel dan AMD, AMD memiliki pipeline yang panjang dan dapat bekerja dengan baik pada rentang kecepatan 2000Mhz, sedang Intel lebih panjang lagi sehingga dapat mecapai rentang kecepatan 3000Mhz, tetapi Intel memiliki kesulitan dalam pergantian atara tugas yang dibawanya, jadi sebenarnya Intel lebih lambat dibanding dengan AMD. Dapat kita lihat perbedaan panjang dari pipeline kedua prosesor Intel dan AMD.

I also noticed that this processor ran a bit a lot more warm than the other individuals as well, but not warm adequate to be a problem. I place this to the test and ran a number of applications on just the factory settings and the speed was in fact quite impressive. I was also able to clock it very easily at four.2 GHz with additional leftover. The OverDrive Software was straightforward to use and gave really a bit of versatility in options. This chip can help up to 8MB L2 cache and 8MB L3 cache.