AMD ProcessorsApa kabar sob blogger lama bngt kaga bikin postingan abis masih nyari2 bahan sih yang bisa di KOPAS he…he… tapi yg jelas walau hasil copas smoga akan menambah wawasan kita bersama,untuk sobat blogger yang kebingungan dalam menentukan pilihan jenis processor semoga artikel ini sedikit membantu, oke sob langsung aja.

A bigger level cache also makes for a great gaming chip, esp for heavier graphics demanding games, just about all new releases have great help for many threads and cores. Pesaing terbesar Intel yaitu AMD mempunyai banyak beragam processor mulai dari single core sampai quadcore. AMD memiliki keunggulan harga terjangkau dan sangat bagus untuk desain grafis. Yes, all of Adobe CS4 is multithreaded and will fly on a quad core. I am using it on a Core i7 and it really is PHENOMENAL!

Memory: 4 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 32 GB of system memory. Dual channel memory architecture. Support for DDR3 2000(.C.)/1866/1600/1333/1066 MHz memory modules. 1 piece of hardware that is essential for any sort of pc is your CPU. This hub will cover the very best processors for 2013, and which a single you ought to pick. lol you guys are hilarious. Youre proper! I do not get more fps in Skyrim with Intel, it is all in my imagination. Should be my slow 1866 RAM too! We all know ram speed over 1600mhz matters? it doesn’t.

Before I begin my evaluation, it really is important to take into consideration the spending budget you have set for your computer. If it really is about $500, then I very advise you go with a LGA 2011 processor like the i7-3930k. If it’s more than $500, then the i7-3970X is the fastest offered for house use. For a super affordable alternative pair the new AMD A4-5300 APU along with the MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 for a fantastic spending budget HTPC choice under $115.

No, truly, that is common knowledge. What I am saying is that you are an ass in the way you respond to folks you disagree with, in this case about whether or not the CPU is really the bottleneck. i dont run at 1080p. my 720p serves me just fine with my AMD. the 20-30% intel fps does not justify a overcharge to the customer. intel plays you guys like morons and you fall for it. last the games i play dont want a high frame rate.