Intel ProcessorsKarena banyaknya pertanyaan yang ingin tahu mengenai AMD atau Intel dan perkembangan mereka. Disini di artikel terbaru kali ini, saya akan membahasnya sedikit mengenai hal tersebut karena amd vs intel banyak menjadi perdebatan orang sekarang.

But all of that could be about to change, if AMD’s talks with giant corporation Apple are productive. Intel has been the sole provider of microprocessors for the iconic Apple Notebook and its desktop PCs since 2006, when Apple parted organization with PowerPC. AMDs representatives have not too long ago been spotted leaving meetings with members of Apple’s prime folks – and according to hearsay it is been smiles all round.

Intel 4th Gen Core Series i5 Desktop Processor delivers a 64-bit, multi-core processor built on 22-nanometer process technologies. Intel 4th Generation Core Series i5 Processor is developed for a two-chip platform consisting of a processor and Platform Controller Hub (PCH). The processors are created to be employed with the Intel eight Series chipset. Intel HD Graphics 4600 are included in the processor, along with virtualization technologies, new Haswell instruction set, new anti-theft and identity protection technologies.

At this price tag point you have a couple distinct choices. Go with an unlocked processor like the i5-4690k and the R9 270X for some value overclocking or go with the i5-4560 and the GTX 960. The GTX 960 will execute far better here in games nonetheless, if you are willing to stick it out til you upgrade your graphics card once more, you’ll have the much better CPU simply because of it.

Nehalem, a recycled codename, refers to a completely different architecture from Netburst, despite the fact that Nehalem still has some issues in common with NetBurst. Nehalem-based microprocessors use greater clock speeds and are a lot more power-efficient than Penryn microprocessors. Hyper-threading is reintroduced along with a reduction in L2, which has been incorporated as L3 Cache which is usable by all cores. Nehalem was replaced with the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture, released in January 2011.