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Even though Intel is formally launching Skylake chips today, it will be a staggered rollout like usual. We’re hearing that it might take a month for the very first ones to roll out. And while Intel says it expects to have lots of Skylake systems on the market place this holiday season, complete swaths will have to wait for 2016 — like the mobile Xeon, lower-finish Pentium and Celeron chips, processors with vPro, and all of the new chips with Iris and Iris Pro graphics.

Intel is winning the single threaded functionality race. There is also no question that for higher-end CPU Intel has a clear advantage correct now. This is primarily based on countless benchmarks and tests across the internet and the results do not lie. If I am hunting for a higher-functionality CPU above the $200 variety, proper now, I’m going with Intel.

Over on Looking for Alpha, contributor Alcaraz Analysis points out that the chairman of Taiwanese ODM Inventec confirmed to the Taipei Occasions that properly-known smartphone vendor Xiaomi will be getting into into the notebook laptop market place. These notebooks, per the Taipei Occasions, are anticipated to commence shipping in either the 1st or second quarter of 2016.

In the final couple of years more than enhancing the all round processing overall performance, Intel has focussed on the graphics side of items. Intel has been focussed on enhancing the graphics of its solutions. Skyline debuts the new Intel HD 500 graphics technique. It is also coupled with new graphics technologies like Direct X12 in Windows 10, Open CL 2. and Open GL 4.four.