Intel ProcessorsSoon, when you get a new Pc, it won’t assistance Windows 7 or eight. Microsoft has announced a change to its assistance policy that lays out its plans for future updates to its older operating systems, and the new guidelines imply that future Computer owners with next-generation Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm processors will require to use Windows ten.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors have been supposedly just a tick in Intel’s tick tock model, but with huge improvements to integrated graphics, all round CPU performance, and the introduction of its 3D tri-gate transistor style – it feels a lot far more like a tock. For these of you arranging on making use of Ivy Bridge at stock speeds, you’ll see a quite modest achieve in speed – however it really is the integrated graphics on Ivy bridge that make the huge distinction.

Core i9 adalah processor terbaru intel, dengan spesifikasi memiliki six core dengan kecepatan two.8 Ghz dengan L2 256KB X 6 dan L3 12MB. Procesor Gulftown ternyata lebih hemat power dibanding Corei 7 dan Core 2 Quad pada kecepatan yang sama. Tidak itu saja, Core i9 lebih dingin hampir eight derajat dibandingkan Core two Quad, Core i5 dan Core i7. Untuk gaming kelas FPS, Core i9 memiliki angka relatif. Test benchmark game FarCry two dan Unreal Tournament dipegang oleh Core i9, disusul Core i7, Corei 5, Core 2 Quad dan terakhir Phenom II X4. Game Left 4 Dead unggul oleh Core i5, diisusul Core 2 Quad, Phenom II X4, Core i9 (Gulftown) dan terakhir Core i7.

If that is the case, weight and battery life would be the figuring out factor. Depending on your usage patterns, you might opt for a slate-style tablet Computer (which you can usually add a detachable keyboard to), an Ultrabook, or a contemporary netbook. Netbooks don’t really exist these days per se, but there are bargain basement possibilities that are normally little and light that could serve as an adequate replacement.

The potential of Intel’s marketing and advertising department to outspend and out-consider others continues. The success of Intel’s Ultrabook trademark may possibly be perilously tied to Microsoft’s stumbling efforts with Windows 8, but the company’s understanding that buyers want brief, snappy brands rather than clock frequencies and other jargon endures.