A Guide to Android TV Boxes You might as well forget that Google TV ever existed: the doors have been closed on it, but app developers are encouraged to move over to Android TV instead. What does it do anyway? Android TV is a smart TV platform developed by Google after its first attempt at Google TV. The successor of Google TV is Android TV which was created to make the Android more cohesive. It is now possible to interface the Android’s operating system with the TV platform of Google. This interplay between the two gives Android apps an access or store them in Google play which can be built into both TV or stand alone digital media players. With Android TV anything you enjoy in your mobile devices can be brought to your TV. The device menu made simple and friendly can now be enjoyed when you want to watch a show on your TV sets that is attach to an Android TV box. It also have a voice activated outfit integrated so that there are no buttons to click to do something and you can also get answers to questions if you want to know who won the sports championships on a particular year. Furthermore, it has a pop-up menu showing you the different channels and show classification that you can choose from. There is media streaming included which allows you to download movies or game files while you are doing something else like watching a show or playing a game.
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It also supports Google Cast which also allows you to use your mobile device to manage and control media playbacks. So if you have your mobile device with you , even when you are still in bed early in the morning, you can already program a show before standing up and going to your living room or office.
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This only goes to show that there are yet many more app enthusiasts out there that can develop all sorts of beneficial programs which one can personalize, similar to customizing your smartphones over a choice of different apps that are available, which are mostly for free. So aside from your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, the Android TV is the next in line that is becoming very famous today. You cannot hear any issues about the cost of this device so far. Android TV box is inexpensive. The size of this box is really small. Android TV box was intentionally designed to be light and very small and comparable to the size of a computer modem. Now manufacturers are coming up with Android TV models which are TV models that don’t need an Android box anymore. People who don’t want to buy a new TV set with Android capabilities should simply get one of those Android TV boxes and still get the same benefits as a real Android TV.