Intel ProcessorsIf you want to squeeze each and every final ounce of processing power out of your new (or aging) personal computer, overclocking is a great—if slightly nerve-racking—option. Right here are some simple recommendations for safely overclocking your processor.

To sum up, all the official specifications genuinely tell us is that S-series processors may be a bit slower and may run a bit cooler than their regular equivalent but it is far from conclusive. For that, we will require to carry out our own testing. This testing gets into some technical information, so if you are only concerned about our conclusions, feel totally free to jump ahead to the Conclusion section.

The Phenom II X6 is the 1st six-core processor from AMD. This 45nm chip comes with a clock speed of minimum three.2 GHz and maximum three.6GHz. The processor uses the same 6MB L3 Cache alike its predecessor the Phenom II X4. But there are two additional cores in Phenom II X6 which certainly renders greater overall performance than its predecessor. The processor delivers the Ultimate Visual Expertise for high definition entertainment. Sophisticated multitasking performance, and power-saving innovations make this chip much more alluring to the Computer customers. These processors are power efficient as nicely.

In common, you can anticipate to pay a small bit far more for a 1366 socket motherboard than a 1156. As I talked about in my hub on developing a gaming Computer In comparison to the 1155 socket motherboards the 1366 are similar in cost, and a bit less high-priced on the CPU side. If you are going to develop, then it really is almost certainly far better that you go with a newer solution in the 1155.

With the actual method overall performance results we start off to see a really clear pattern. Just like the power draw and temperature outcomes, Unigine Heaven and Cinebench R15 (single threaded mode) execute almost precisely the exact same with each CPUs. Nevertheless, Linpack and Cinebench R15 (multi threaded mode) ran about five% slower with the 4790S compared to the 4790.