The Major Components That Make Up a Computer

The Major Components That Make Up a Computer

The Major Components That Make Up a Computer

In this informative article, I offer a high-level breakdown of virtually all of the aspects of some type of computer – the computer hardware. This information is useful for anyone who would like to manage to repair or upgrade their computer, or perhaps would like to use a basic knowledge of how a computer works.


The computer is housed within what is known as the pc case. The computer case will be the metallic box that surrounds the pc. It’s there to safeguard the pc and contain the components available.

Power Supply

The power will be the box with a lot of wires coming from it. It takes the electricity that comes out of the wall outlet and converts it into electricity that each from the internal components can use.


The motherboard is a big circuit board that connects each of the internal components. It gives the internal components ways to contact the other. It also provides some common functionality that’s basic to everyone’s computers – audio, network, modem, sometimes video, and some other items. These additional devices that can come as part of the motherboard are called integrated devices.

The motherboard also has slots that other device cards can plug into and still provide extended functionality to your computer. Some from the more prevalent cards are wireless cards, USB extension cards (provide additional USB ports), as well as video cards – which I speak about below.


The CPU (Core Processing Unit), also referred to as the processor, maybe the main logic element of the computer. It decides how to proceed, what things to load, which another device to activate, etc. It’s similar to the center with the brain.

The processor will get extremely hot, therefore it is always protected by a heat sink (the metal thing with fins) plus a fan. The processor itself looks like a standard chip.

Hard Drive

The hard disk drive will be the long-term memory of the computer. The long-term memory is slower and a lot larger than the short-term memory specifically made for the storage of knowledge. Read the section on the main memory for information on short-term vs. long-term memory.

Main Memory

Also referred to as primary memory, RAM, or maybe memory, could be the short-term memory element of the computer. Short-term memory is significantly, considerably faster than long-lasting memory, but is additionally much, much smaller in dimensions.

Main memory just sits there for storage of knowledge over the lasting. Unlike the hard drive, the main memory requires a chance to keep information. Once the computer is powered down, the principle memory is cleared out. Instead, the main memory is employed for fast data access. Once a laptop computer knows what data you will be working with, it loads it down a single big chunk into the main memory and works together with it there. For example, when you run application XYZ, your personal computer loads up lots from the common data on how the application needs into memory, following that it in concert with it inside faster main memory. Then when you wish to keep your changes, a laptop computer writes that data out to the hard drive for long-lasting storage.

Video Card

The video card handles the display of images and 2D/3D graphics calculations. Often the video card comes included in the motherboard. But integrated video cards are somewhat weak. The powerful video cards had to run modern games and also other graphically intensive applications, come as standalone cards. They are big circuit boards using own processor (GPU) and memory. They even have fans and heat sinks. They are kind of like separate computers inside of laptop computer.

CD/DVD Drives

These are standard devices that read and infrequently write CDs and DVDs.

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